The Game so far

This is obviously a going to go far back all the way to the beginning of the campaign so bear with me on this. To begin it should be known that every character was able to have a single beginning to their own personal story and that will not be placed in the Adventure notes. Those will be placed in a forum thread that is updated between myself and the player/character in question.

The group found a Lorestone during the Great Hunt in the Lost Mission. Since then their lives have been one challenge after another. The creature housed with the Lorestone could be anywhere in the caverns beneath the Mission, even though the entrance was collapsed. Members have died (Elion) and gone on their own personal quest (Inira), but still the journey to get the Lorestone to those who can use it continues. Argos joined the group in Laketown where the group was able to learn more of the Lorestones tale and now all journey for the rebellion leadership located in the North Western section of the continent. Along the way the group encountered Mithra who battled them in exchange for letting them pass, a toll so to speak, and Argos was reunited with an old friend. This old friend inevitably yet suddenly betrayed the group, showcasing his newly begotten powers by cursing Karyu and Chione. The group has learned of a mystic in the Felin Mountains who may be able to help them with this curse from a group of suffering wayfarers, it may be their only hope to save Chione and Karyu from their grisly fates, or will Argos give in to his friends offer and accept the “gift” he has offered.



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