Red Mage

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Red Mage
Level BAB MAB Saves Features
1 0 0 F: 0 R: 0 W: 2 Discipline
2 1 1 F: 0 R: 0 W: 3 Bonus Feat
3 2 2 F: 1 R: 1 W: 3 Discipline
4 3 3 F: 1 R: 1 W: 4 Bonus Feat
5 3 3 F: 1 R: 1 W: 4 Discipline
6 4 4 F: 2 R: 2 W: 5 Bonus Feat
7 5 5 F: 2 R: 2 W: 5 Discipline
8 6 6 F: 2 R: 2 W: 6 Bonus Feat
9 6 6 F: 3 R: 3 W: 6 Discipline
10 7 7 F: 3 R: 3 W: 7 Bonus Feat
11 8 8 F: 3 R: 3 W: 7 Discipline
12 9 9 F: 4 R: 4 W: 8 Bonus Feat
13 9 9 F: 4 R: 4 W: 8 Discipline
14 10 10 F: 4 R: 4 W: 9 Bonus Feat
15 11 11 F: 5 R: 5 W: 9 Discipline
16 12 12 F: 5 R: 5 W: 10 Bonus Feat
17 12 12 F: 5 R: 5 W: 10 Discipline
18 13 13 F: 6 R: 6 W: 11 Bonus Feat
19 14 14 F: 6 R: 6 W: 11 Discipline
20 15 15 F: 6 R: 6 W: 12 Bonus Feat

Red Mages gain 6 + Intelligence Modifier Skill Points at each level. At 1st level the number is quadrupled. Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Geography, Local, Nature), Listen, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Spot, Tumble, Use Rope.

Special: All Red Mages begin play with 1st level magic.

Health and Mana Points:
Red Mages gain 1d6 + Constitution Modifier Health points and 1d8 + Magic Modifier Mana points at each level. At 1st level these rolls are maximized.

Starting Feats:
Armor Proficiency (Light), Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Light Martial, Rapier), Combat Casting, Mist Sensitivity, Shield Proficiency.

Armored Caster Tree:

Novice Armored Caster – While wearing Light armor and not holding a shield, the Red Mage is able to cast spells without the Spell Failure Chance.

Apprentice Armored Caster – The Red Mage is now able to ignore the Spell Failure Chance when wielding a Buckler

Adept Armored Caster – The Red Mage is now able to ignore the Spell Failure Chance when wielding a Light Shield.

Shield Reflect – Once per day the Red Mage can place a Reflect Enchantment on his shield. Any Spell cast upon the Red Mage has a 20% chance to be reflected back at the caster regardless of intention.

Fencing Discipline Tree:

Demoralizing Defense – As a reaction, you can designate an enemy you have just hit with a melee attack. The enemy takes only half damage from the attack, but takes a -5 penalty on attacks made against you until the end of your next turn. Prerequisite: Noble Fencing Style

Leading Feint – Whenever you successfully damage an opponent with a melee attack, you can make a deception check to feint against that target as a swift action. If successful, you designate an ally within 12 squares of you; your target is treated as flat-footed against the first attack that ally makes against your target before the beginning of your next turn. Prerequisite: Noble Fencing Style.

Noble Fencing Style – This style of swordplay uses wit and a force of personality to increase accuracy, taunting and distracting an opponent with feints, misdirection and deception. When using a light melee weapon that you are proficient with, you can use your Charisma modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls. Prerequisite: trained in deception and persuasion.

Personal Affront – Once per encounter, as a reaction, you can make a single melee attack against an adjacent enemy who just damaged you. Prerequisite: Noble Fencing Style, Base Attack bonus +5

Transposing Strike – When you hit a character with a melee attack, you can choose to have the attack deal only half damage and switch places with that foe. Your foe must me no more than one size category larger than you, and you must end up occupying a space that was previously occupied by your target to use this Discipline. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Prerequisites: Noble Fencing Style, Base Attack Bonus +5

Influence Discipline Tree:

Presence – You can make an Intimidate check to intimidate a creature as a standard action (instead of a full round action).

Demand Surrender – Once per encounter, you can make an Intimidation check as a standard action to demand surrender from an opponent who has been reduced to ½ or less of its hit points. The target must succeed on a Will Save or it surrenders to you and your allies, drops any weapons it is holding and takes no hostile actions. If the target is higher level than you, it gains a +5 bonus to its Will Save. If you or any of your allies attack it, it no longer submits to your will and can act normally. You can only use this Discipline against a particular target once per encounter. This is a mind-affecting effect. Prerequisite: Presence

Improved Weaken Resolve – As Weaken Resolve (see below), except that the target doesn’t stop fleeing from you if it’s wounded.

Weaken Resolve – Once per round, when you deal damage equal to or greater than the target’s damage threshold, make an Intimidate check as a free action; the target must succeed on a Will Save. If he fails, you fill the target with terror. The target can’t take standard actions, swift actions, or full round actions while fleeing, and the target stops fleeing and can act normally if it is wounded. As a free action or reaction, the target can spend a Mist Point (if it has not already spent one earlier in the round) to negate the effect. The effect is automatically negated if the targets level is equal to or higher than your character level. This is a mind affecting effect. Prerequisite: Presence

Inspiration Tree:

Bolster Ally – As a standard action you can bolster an ally within line of sight, moving him +1 step along the condition track and giving him a number of bonus hit points equal to his character level if he’s at ½ his maximum hit points or less. Damage is subtracted from the bonus hit points first, and any bonus hit points remaining at the end of the encounter go away. You can’t bolster the same ally more than once in a single encounter and you can’t bolster yourself.

Ignite Fervor – Whenever you hit an opponent with a melee or ranged attack, you can (as a free action) choose to give one ally within your line of site a bonus to damage on his next attack equal to his character level. Once his fervor has been ignited, the affected ally doesn’t need to remain in line of sight of you; if his next attack misses, he loses the bonus to damage granted by this Discipline. You can’t ignite yourself. Prerequisites: Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence.

Inspire Confidence – As a standard action, you can inspire confidence in all allies in you line of sight, granting them a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and a +1 moral bonus on skill checks for the rest of the encounter or until you’re unconscious or dead. Once inspired, your allies don’t need to remain within line of sight of you. You can’t inspire yourself.

Inspire Haste – As a swift action you can encourage one of your allies within line of sight to make haste with a skill check. On that ally’s next turn, that ally can make a skill check that requires a standard action as a move action instead.

Inspire Zeal – Whenever an ally within line of sight of you makes an attack that moves an opponent down the condition track (such as by dealing damage that equals or exceeds that target’s damage threshold), that ally moves the target an additional -1 step down the condition track. Prerequisite: Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence, And Ignite Fervor.

Bonus Feats:
Acrobatic Strike, Bad Feeling, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Coordinated Attack, Cunning Attack, Echani Training, Far Cast, Flick of the Wrist, Flurry, Focus Proficiency, Follow Through, Hidden Spell, Improved Defenses, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Trip, Informer, Martial Arts, Mist Boon, Mobility, Moving Target, Power Attack, Quickdraw, Quicken Spell, Rapid Strike, Red Magic Training, Running Attack, Shield Charge, Shield Slam, Skill Focus, Strong with the Mist, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency.

Red Mage

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